The Legends of Hollywood

Welcome to our blog about Classic Hollywood.

The Life and Times of Hollywood will try to bring a unique and historical perspective of the classic films, television programs, the performers and the creators. The authors of such books that include Life and Times of Mickey Rooney, Dr. Feelgood, and the upcoming Beyond Columbo: The Life and Times of Peter Falk, Poverty Row and The Life and Times of Bob Cummings hope to use their archival research as part of this Blog. 

This page will explore the empirical evidence behind the stories of the great stars and the studio system that created them along with the pioneers of television, the performers, the creators and the entertainment industry.

Many of the stories will be from the books and archives of the authors, Richard A. Lertzman and William J. Birnes . They will also include the interviews with some of the icons of Hollywood.

If you are a film and television buff, an historian or an avid reader- this site will bring you daily behind the scenes of Classic Hollywood, that hopefully will spark your interest in the true stories behind the great films and television programs along with the performers and creators.

We also hope to interact with our friends. We look for your input and thoughts of the daily posts and the blog!

Richard A. Lertzman

William J. Birnes