In 2008, the author ( Richard A Lertzman) of this blog and books such as The Life and Times of Mickey Rooney, Dr. Feelgood and the upcoming Beyond Columbo: The Life and Times of Peter Falk- produced a series of television commercials to promote an issue in Ohio to legalize casinos( It won).

The commercials feature were retro and featured several stars of past television shows. We had several commercials with Dwayne Hickman (as Dobie Gillis) on a recreation of the park set in front of Rodan’s Thinker. In fact, we used the original Thinker prop statue.

We had Vicki Lawrence in several spots as “Mama” from The Carol Burnet Show and Mamas Family. Vicki’s writer of the show, the talented Monte Aidem (Tonight Show) co- wrote those spots with Richard Lertzman and the legendary Rocky Kalish ( Gillian’s Iskand co- creator and 100s of series from Family Affair, F-Troop, All in the Family, Facts of Life etc etc).

In other spots we had Jamie Farr returns as Cpl. Max Klinger in several spots, Ed Asner as Lou Grant, Gary Owens as the Laugh-In announcer, William Schallert as the Admirial from Get Smart and Pop-O (Martin Lane) of The Patty Duke Show, Joan Roberts Hickman ( Private Benjamin)and many others.

Along with Lertzman and Kalish writing the spots, we had Peter Greenwood directing, an award winning cinematographer (the commercials were done in rec cam- the You Tube copies are not) with Lertzman producing and an all star crew.

Here is a sample of a couple of spots on YouTube:


And these commercials were a huge hit in Ohio and helped win the campaign. The beloved stars from our past favorites are considered “family”
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