As I get older, I admit I do get grumpier. I have more complaints. I am angry. As I watched the 89th Annual Academy Awards, I notice both a lack of respect of Motion Picture past and an absence of classical actors. It’s as if anyone over 55 is dead. Last year there was a big brouhaha regarding recognition of actors of color.  However, Hollywood has had a history of amnesia towards senior actors. 

Sure there were nominations for dinosaurs such as Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges and they dragged out Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway- but truly there was a dearth of elder actors, directors, writers etc. 

When you watch the red carpet, I don’t think I’ve ever seen many older folks who walk slower, with canes or walkers etc. If your older, disabled or can’t wear Armani- just stay home. 

Frankly, I’d love to see a mix of our favorite classic artists. Wouldn’t it be great to see a salute to Doris Day ( while she is living), Angela Lansbury, Gene Hackman, Robert Duvall, Michael Caine, Maggie Smith, Jack Nicholson, Shirley MacLaine, Julie Andrews, Robert Redford, Al Pacino, Morgan Freeman, Dustin Hoffman, Ann-Margaret,Barbra Streisand etc. 

Ok, I do admit a certain prejudice. I am 60, so I lean toward seeing movies that deal with people from my generation. However, I enjoyed watching the great older actors even when I was young. I enjoy it when the history of motion picture is included in this event. I highly dislike any film made mostly with CG, FX etc that makes a movie look more like a video game. 

 I enjoy the pomp and circumstance of the Oscars. However, to me, it would be a more complete experience with a nod to our past.